Amazing advantages of mid-roll video ads

by | Jul 26, 2018

A new medium for video ads – is mid-roll video is an effective source of advertising?

Content publishers are enjoying the revenue from mid-roll video, however, is it an effective medium for businesses? It is estimated that video revenue will surpass over 22 billion by 2021 and marketers are loving every moment of this.

Advantages of Mid-Roll Video

  • Mid-roll ads follow a similar pattern to television ads. People are used to seeing ads throughout programs, so that is why mid-roll works well. 
  • Studies show that video is an integral part of marketing mixes. People prefer interactive advertising verses shouting text ads at them.
  • With YouTube and Facebook being the most effective video channels for business to business marketers, midroll is still a slightly moving target right now.
  • Facebook is experimenting with mid-roll video ads in their live videos and the verdict is out as to how effective they are. Depending on their results, marketers will soon have a reliable pool of user data to make decisions.

Disadvantages of Mid-Roll Video

  • As with anything new, it is a mystery right now as to whether this format of video will perform in the long-term.  There are some downfalls with video ads. Some marketers say the benefits do not outweigh the disadvantages. They stated that there was not enough ROI on this format of video.
  • Revenue sharing decreases the amount of money your business will make using mid-roll video ads on Facebook.
  • Video engagement is uncertain at this time and publishers are concerned about the placement of their ads.
  • Getting results is still up in the air for marketers. They are still in the testing phase to see how consumers will react.

Key Takeaways

  • There is a balance that needs to be met for the right mid-roll video ad. It is a matter of blending in with what the public is accustomed to and hooking the viewer.
  • Showing advertisements throughout programming does not prevent viewers from continuing to watch the show. So, the same should be true for mid-roll video.
  • The ad quality is going to increase for publishers. They must create fresh and interesting content that will entice and engage the audience without losing their attention.

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