Benefits of the new iOS 11.3

Released Mar 28, 2018. Now available for iPhone, iPad, and HomePod, along with tvOS 11.3 on Apple TV and WatchOS 4.3 for Apple Watch.

About iOS 11.3

The introduction of the new iOS 11.3 has brought major updates to the Augmented Reality user experience, patients medical records, and business chat. Additionally, this upgrade provides users insight into the health and performance of their iPhone battery. 


New Augmented Reality Features:

ARKIT, in conjunction with iOS 11.3, allows users to see vertical surfaces including doors, walls, furniture. Real world experiences come to life including interactive museum exhibits and animated movie posters with now even sharper perspective thanks to 50% greater resolution and autofocus.

Medical Records/ User Health Features:

The Health Records feature enables patients from over 40 leading health organizations access their electronic medical records straight from their iPhone in one view. With encryption and password protection, patients can see in one view their lab results, medications, medical conditions and more!

Battery Performance:

Apple’s new advancements now recommend if a battery needs to be serviced (for iPhone 6 and later). Power management features hone into maximizing performance and preventing unwanted shutdowns.

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