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Custom Software Application Development for desktop interfaces, mobile devices, Android, iPhone, iPad & more

Let our expert team design your custom application from the ground up, tailored to your business.

Mobile Social Media App Development

We are an industry-leading software application developer building business solutions for enterprise-level clients around the nation. At Powered Labs, we are “platform agnostic,” meaning that we custom design, develop, and build out unique applications that leverage the best technology practices to improve our clients’ business processes.

Apple’s iOS products have changed the way people use mobile devices, and this means there is a new way to reach out to your customers. Let our expert team design your iOS app from the ground up, tailored to your business. We don’t just build the apps, we carefully design and craft an amazing user experience for your customers. We can build mobile applications that work on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad® and iPod® devices.

We build with the latest technologies so that your enterprise-level software application works on the newest devices and interfaces. Our developers are always ahead of the curve, learning the newest operating systems and features even before they are released. From Apple’s newest programming language Swift to Android’s latest release– our team already knows how to build a future-ready product for your enterprise.

Apps for Android Devices

Reach millions of users around the world on the most popular mobile platform.

Over the last few years, Android-based sales have skyrocketed in popularity, capturing a greater share of the market. And much like iOS early growth, this creates a great opportunity for your business. Whether it be a tablet or a phone, we can produce the app you need, with original design and artwork tailored specifically for your business and your brand. 

Custom built just for you. Powered Labs, builds and creates unique applications for all technologies and platforms from desktop to mobile, including iOS® and Android® products. Our professional team can bring whatever mobile app idea you have to life. We work with you from concept through design to publishing your mobile app. Whether your application is an extension of your existing legacy software application or business software, we can create a seamless integration that helps your business run smoothly and more efficiently.

Mobile Custom App Development

Web Design & Development

We build websites of all shapes and sizes, both in complexity and screen size. All of the websites we design and develop are fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and are search-engine optimized.

Advanced Web Development
Responsive Web Design

We make lasting impressions. Your company’s website could very well be the first impression a prospective client makes, and we’ll be sure it’s not their last. We let our User Experience Design team ensure that your website is laid out and coded to achieve the maximum number of conversions to your business. Each website we build is elegant and fully responsive, designed and developed to look great no matter which device it’s viewed from.

Most of us strive to always look our best. But did you know that in virtually every case, nearly 60% of the traffic coming to your website is from a mobile device? In today’s age, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re just plain wrong! We work with our clients to create easy to use sites that are mobile friendly and intuitive.

Mobile Web Development is very cost effective. In many cases building a mobile friendly web site offers a cheaper alternative to creating a full mobile app… depending on your needs of course. If you would like more information or just want to see if a mobile friendly website is even an option, please contact us to set up a call.

Game development

Powered Labs is up for any challenge. If you have an idea for a game, we are all ears to helping you create your game and make it shine.


Digital Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential to help you get the attraction you deserve.

We understand how to target new customers using the search engine’s network and planning with AdWords. Whatever your budget may be, let us work for you and bring in relevant traffic to your site which in turn will generate steady sales and new, qualified clients. Digital Advertising means delivering your company’s brand and experience to a new audience and having longer lasting success.

Keywords. Tags. Metatags. We are Google Analytics Certified, and are masters of SEO best practices and will ensure that your business comes up before your competitors when prospective clients seek out your services. Our efforts are continual, cumulative and will deliver long-term success. Our search engine optimization (SEO) methods are simple – dedicated, hard work to first optimize your website for search engine robots, create engaging robust content through content marketing, engage in relevant link building, and social media management with cross-pollination of all your promotions & events.

Digital Marketing Professionals
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Masters

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are extremely popular these days. Free CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal allow the average user to manage elements within their site very easily using a secure web based management console. Each of the CMS systems have a large community of users who share knowledge and experience.

Plugins can also be used to easily expand the CMS to have new functionality. Like mobile apps, each CMS community has a site where you can download plugins for free or for purchase. 

We build customized apps that are dynamic and offer a solution to your unique problem or challenge. It is important to consider partnering with an experienced agency like Powered Labs. Having experts design and develop your app will ensure a finished product that will offer solutions and make your business profitable. We specialize in various technologies which helps us provide a spectrum of custom application development services to our enterprise level clients. We work with existing enterprise applications and can build new enterprise apps.

At Powered Labs, we work with a multitude of CMS platforms. We do everything from helping you configure a module in Joomla to building plugins for WordPress. For more information or help with your next CMS based project, contact us and speak to one of our team members today.

Web App Development Made Easy with Content Management Systems

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Snapchat, YouTube, we can do it all so you can focus on your business.

Social Media is a ubiquitous part of our society. It is nearly impossible to escape its reaches, and this is good news for you and your Company. We can help you reach the right customers in the right places. Whether that is a small niche group or everyone around the globe we have a team dedicated to your needs.

Content is King, and today’s world of marketing looks very different than it did a few years ago. Social Media is part of our everyday lives, and this is great news for your company, making everywhere and everyone reachable. Advertisements are increasingly becoming focused on mobile platforms with targeted, specific audiences. With this in mind, Powered Labs’ digital advertising department delves into your world to assess the most effective strategies for your business within the market.

Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Snapchat, YouTube, we do it all. Whether you have 10 or 50 updates you want to deliver on your socials, we can manage that for you. Social media management ensures that you’re staying up-to-date with all your clients’ inquiries and that you have an authentic online presence. Engaging with your consumers equates to more customer engagement with your company’s brand and products.

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch, despite early criticisms, has become adopted and accepted by millions of consumers as a viable piece of technology in the wearables ecosystem. Furthermore, Apple, as usual, promises exciting new features and performance enhancements in future releases. Powered Labs can develop professional Apple Watch applications, bringing activity tracking for apps to a new level. The Apple Watch is a great device for those with an active lifestyle. Making an app for the Apple Watch certainly sets a bold example.

Google Glass 

Powered Labs has been a Google Glass developer since its inception. Google’s new Google Glass helps bring wearables and augmented reality closer to being commonplace. Witness the advancement in technology with Google Glass and your own application built by Powered Labs. Our engineers are up to any challenge – and we can build a useful product that your employees can use in the field to improve business processes and your enterprises’ growth.

Google Glass 2

From initial inception, planning, design, development, online visibility, brand reputation & marketing, Powered Labs is with you every step of the way. We want to see our projects through to the end.

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