Best New Phones to Purchase in 2018:

January 1st – December 29th, 2018

Ready to buy a new smartphone this year? Envying your friends spiffy new device? Almost any new phone these days will essentially give you anything and everything you need & want, but at what cost? 


2018 Phones

From Google’s new Pixel, Apple’s iPhone 8 or Samsung’s Galaxy 9  we hope this guide will assist with your decision making process. 

Google Pixel :


Top of the line photos and videos unlike before with Google Pixels new camera! If you like listening to music you’ll be satisfied to know that there is a dual front & back facing speaker for true listening pleasure. Google is trying very hard this year to get on Apple’s and Samsung’s level. 


We thought Google would impress us a little bit more this year with their new screen… but no, not much has changed from Googles first attempt to change how we look at screens in 2015. Maybe with the Google Pixel 3? We’ll have to wait and see. Something also driving people crazy with his phone is the fact that there seems to be a missing 3.5 headphone jack. Maybe Google thought they would make up for this by adding the dual speakers but still, for those who love their 3.5 headphone jack this is truly upsetting! 

Apple 8 :


We have waited and waited for apple to finally release a phone incomparable in appearance from the previous generations. Besides the home key being gone Apple has also introduced new colors to their family. My personal favorite is the new gold. 


We should probably be used to this by now but Apples phone prices are ridiculous! Why do these phone exceed $1000 easily with every new model. What’s more upsetting to me is the fact that these phones don’t ever justify themselves when it comes to price. 

Samsung Galaxy 9


If security is your thing then Samsung’s new blometric security will be perfect for you. Samsung also introduced the best low light phone on the market in my opinion. Perfect for taking outdoor photos at any time of day!


This design however is almost identical to the previous model released last year in 2017. Also there seems to be an issue with the snap back feature…Hopefully Samsung will look into this immediately and correct this fast so it doesn’t disappoint its buyers again. Just like the iPhone 8 this phone will always be number 2 on anyones list for the most expensive in price. Which is to bad in my opinion, I would think more people would purchase this particular phone if it was more in their means financially. 

If the picks above don’t suit your interest, here are some additional smartphones that you may like. These are all high quality devices and new enough that they won’t feel obsolete the moment you buy them, but they’re great upgrades if your phone is starting to show its age.