Most of the time, an OS update is a good thing. It can improve the functionality of your device, new apps, make everything faster, not to mention fix bugs and glitches. Here are 5 of the best updates for Apple’s iOS 9 which was just unveiled for their line of iPhones.

5. Siri gets more personal

Now Siri can answer questions more contextually, drawing up some of the best codes of artificial language today. Turns out bots are pretty good at conversing, and now you’ll be able to get even more human-like answers from her.

4. Improved Maps

Apple Maps was one of their biggest flops and one of the biggest jokes in the app development world. On a personal note, I can reflect on many a time when Maps took me in the middle of nowhere, was completely inaccurate, leaving me on a desolate abadoned country road instead of a suburban neighbourhood.

3. Smarter Search
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.02.10 PM

Search gets a whole lot better in a lot of ways with the new OS. Not only does it recommend results based on your contacts, apps, nearby locations and results from the web… wait hang on, that’s actually pretty sweet. Spotlight also tweaks itself to position results such as apps more easily based on your own habits throughout usage during the day. Pretty smart.

2. Swiping through apps

Personally, I feel like every time I double-click on the home button, I either turn Siri on or just end up clicking endlessly before I can select my desired app. Now you can cycle through apps like shuffling a deck of cards (pictured above, right). It looks similar to the new Android app selection on its upcoming OS, but much more attractive IMHO. Not only that, but if you want to return to a previous app, there’a new navigation “back” button that lets you do that more easily than ever before.

1. Apple News

This might be a direct challenge to Flipboard, but it’s hella good. Apple has developed a great little news curation application that suits life on the go, specially tailored for the kinds of stories you care about to read.