MIT Alums, Cameron Levy and Dustin Smith, recently launched Beansprock, an AI-based job search platform. They are hoping to mold an entirely new job-hunting model.

“The idea is not just to go out and find a role that you are going to love, but rather find companies that are working on problems that you are going to love,” Levy explains.

It’s artificially intelligent. It uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques to find the perfect job for you. They don’t want to just present you the qualifications that may be useful to a certain job, they want to present you the context of the company. The interface of this mobile app is a simple swiping questionnaire in which you lay out your skill set. That information is then processed and Beansprock is able to predict the jobs that best work for you and the jobs that don’t work. It’s about finding the right job.

Soon, they will be monetizing Beansprock by including employer-centric attributions that will enable companies hiring to reach out the workers that may be interested. Right now, they are primarily centered in San Francisco’s tech hub, but they hope to expand to the non-tech sectors all over the US.

“It’s all about helping the job hunter find the best job in the job universe,” Levy says.

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