Catstacam is exactly what it sounds like: an online platform for felines to post their selfies and visuals of their experience as part of a project to better understand the lives of cats.

Developed by Whiskas Australia,  the goal of the project is for educational purposes. As the video explains, the Internet is crazy about cats, but cat’s lives are only seen from our point of view. What about their point of view? Who do they hang out with? Where do they go, and what do they see?

Catstacam is Instragram-enabled social platform where cats can automatically upload their photos to their very own Instagram account where you can follow, like and share their photos.


It’s powered by a small camera that is worn around the cat’s neck. It only weighs 44 grams and has motion-detection technology built in to capture moments from the cat’s experiences. It captures a photo every 20 seconds and uploads it to the Instagram account, where the world can see all.

If you don’t understand a photo, you can ask a question with the hasthtag #askwhiskas and a cat expert will explain what’s going on in the picture.

Cats are lovely, albeit very mysterious creatures. Will the Catstacam reveal any more details about the secret lives of our favorite felines?

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