CNN VR App Has Just Been Released!


CNN has just announced that it’s bringing its new VR News App to Oculus Rift today!


CNN partnered with interactive entertainment company Magnopus, the company behind the COCO VR experience, to launch an app for its virtual reality news stories on the oculus Rift. This is the first time an app like this will be available on a desktop setup.


In addition to allowing access to breaking news from CNN, you will also be granted access to a huge selection of original stories as well as past coverages by CNN all in an immersive, 360- degree -format.

CNN VR Experience

Enter into a new world of reality, be introduced to an experience that doesn’t just take you there, but allows you and gives you the sense of already being there. Living the moment with your favorite reporter at the exact moment that they’re reporting. 


CNNs VR App will be the first of its kind allowing you to be your own “producer” of your new’s story , putting you at the center of your experience and having control, connecting you to the news like never before!


The CNN VR app is also compatible with web browsers, smartphones and tablets, as well as mobile headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.


Only with the CNNVR app. Available now!