The human desire for individuality drives us to customize; from user interface to external shielding, we want our devices to represent “us.” Style is the crux of fashion, and it’s what sets us apart at a glance. With the marriage of style and tech, functionality holds the highest role – the savviest nerds will achieve maximum efficiency while looking fabulous. Here’s some tips.



case_htc_impact_DualTek Extreme Shock Case

$34.99 // DualTek has merged fashion and function splendidly with this case. The design is sleek, cutting out the majority of bulk you might be used to from impact cases. The aesthetic is minimal and highlights the functionality, like the Shock Absorbing Corner Impact Protection which controls shock by isolating vibration. The tough and flexible dual layer materials protect your phone from drops, but grip panels are included on the sides in hopes of decreasing your tendency towards butterfingers.

case_htc_impact_tech21 Impact Tactical Case

$34.99 // The design is hyper simplistic, letting the case’s functionality shine. Or not. It’s matte. I prefer to “matte all the things” however if that’s not fashionable enough for you, there is another version available: the Shell – it is oh so glossy. The extensively tested D3O® impact material effectively absorbs and dissipates impact; can’t argue with science, right? The rugged TPU formula further protects the back and sides of your phone with renowned flexibility and abrasive resistance.

case_htc_scoutUrban Armor Gear Scout

$34.95 // I know some people will probably find this case hideous but I think it looks like something the captain of a space ship would carry his phone in, and that’s class. When you see this thing, how could you not feel confident about your phone’s safety? Just look at that sweet armor shell which meets military drop-test standards, covering the soft, impact resistant core. UAG was definitely thinking about you with the feather-light composite construction, circumventing the stigma of heavy impact cases. It comes with an HD Screen protector, hosts over-sized tactile buttons and non-slip ruggedized grip – you know, so you don’t drop it during space flight.



case_htc_dotDot View Cover HC M100

$56.13 (£34.99) // There’s something retro about the dot matrix design of this folding-cover case, whether it makes you think of 8bit pixels or LiteBrite – it’s just pleasant. Visual aesthetic aside, the cover actually provides innovative functionality, working with the M8’s gestures to give you access to several of the phone’s features without ever opening the case, such as voice commands and notifications. The face is a soft rubber, and the back is smooth plastic – it might not be the best at protecting against drops, but it’s got scratches covered.

case_htc_barelythere_Case-Mate Barely There

$20.85 (£13.00) // For the minimalist in all of us, there’s no arguing the appeal of the Barely There case. It has an extremely slim profile, almost as if the phone is naked, allowing everyone to appreciate the M8’s high-grade design. It only protects the back and corners, so you’ll want to use it in tandem with a screen protector. The flexible plastic shell is impact resistant and sexy, because Case-Mate knows you want to look cool when you invariably drop this baby.

case_htc_incipioIncipio DualPro Shine

$34.99 //  This case is so metal. Brushed aluminum to be specific. The sleek look and feel of the DualPro Shine is layered against a shock-resistant inner core, keeping your phone in perfect shape through most mishaps. For extra metal flavor, try it in silver.




case_iphone_uagUrban Armor Gear Scout

$34.99 //  You’re not surprised to see the Scout on this list again are you? 90% of the iPhones I see people with have cracked screens – they need MORE protection from their owners than other devices, and UAG is here to give it to you with extra-planetary flare. Just as the M8 version, it offers an armor shell that meets military drop-test standards, an impact resistant soft core, feather-light composite constructionHD Screen protector, and over-sized tactile buttons. This extreme level of safety might obscure the fact that you’re rocking the new iPhone so be sure to turn up that signature notification tone.

Scout Folio

$39.95 // Bonus functionality! The Scout Folio wants to help you condense your life further into one compartment by offering an inner pocket that can hold 3 cards. It also boasts water resistant FrogSkin exterior grip material, and of course the UAG mainstay compliance with military drop-test standards. It costs a little more than the Scout, but much less than buying a a phone case and a wallet, effectively reducing your pocket pooch.

case_iphone_powerarmorBuQu PowerArmour

$79.99 COMING IN NOVEMBER // The specs below are for the PowerArmour iPhone 5 model since the 6 is not currently available. Can’t imagine they will be much different, right? You’ll have to wait until November to get your little hands on this one, but when you do, you’ll be able to take a huge load off your mind when you consider the iPhone’s battery life. The PowerArmour has a built-in battery which provides up to twice as much run time – an additional 8 hours talk/video/internet, 30 hours music, and 200 hours standby. To counteract the extra bulk of the battery on the bottom, the rest of the case has a thin, lightweight design with corner bumpers and a raised front edge screen shield, guarding against drops and direct falls. Not surprisingly, the external battery is charged with a micro USB cable, which also charges the phone!

case_iphone_extremeshockDualtek Extreme Shock

$34.99 // The Extreme Shock made it on the list again, this time to protect your iPhone. With the fragile, short lifespan of iPhone screens, I wouldn’t venture with much less protection than offered in this case, which still showcases your iEgo effectively. Military Standard tested and approved, it features Shock Absorbing Corner Impact Protectiondurable layered materials which combine strength, toughness and flex, all within a sleek, ergonomic design. It’s no question that the Extreme Shock provides stylish impact protection without the added bulk.



case_iphone_damdaVersus Damda Slide

$29.99 // This case is both elegant and intriguing, but offers extra functionality beyond its metallic aesthetic… the sliding back panel is a two-slot card holder. Didn’t you always want a metal wallet? The slim, form fitting hard shell offers external toughness wrapped around a soft core, with rubberized edges for anti-slip protection.

case_iphone_spigenSpigen Thin Fit

$14.99 // You almost can’t tell that this is a case and not part of the phone proper. This case sells itself. It is slim, form-fittedlightweight, and the soft matte coated surface is fingerprint resistant. It is campatible with Beats headphones, if you’re into that.

case_iphone_stowawayIncipio Stowaway

$34.99 // Probably more rugged than the Versus Damda Slide, it doesn’t have the same level of class… but if you’re more of a color lover and metal doesn’t really do it for you, this is the perfect alternative. The Stowaway’s dual layer hybrid design offers double protection without adding a lot of bulk, keeping the iPhone truer to its size. The impact-resistant Flex2O™ polymer core absorbs the shock of inevitable drops, while the rigid Plextonium™ polycarbonate frame features an integrated stand for hands-free viewing. To lighten your pockets, the back compartment can hold up to three credit cards, IDs, or cash.

Just where am I supposed to put this thing…?

So you’ve got a nice new phone and you’ve saddled it with a shiny or utilitarian case – but now it’s even bigger than it was before. Where is anyone expected to keep these titans of phones?

Certain fashion brands have heard you Apple tweakers screamin’… can’t fit your iPhone 6+ into your skinny jeans pants pocket? Don’t fret, you may not have to fear malforming your fruit brick by stuffing it into your pockets for much longer. To be fair, phones have been getting bigger for every manufacturer, from iPhone to HTC to Samsung, but pants designers have been slow to catch up. With cell phones moving towards tablets in both power and size, our wardrobes need to accommodate by getting with the times. BusinessInsider reported that companies such as Uniqlo, American Eagle, L.L Bean, J.Crew, Levi’s, and Lee Jeans are already considering how to make their pocket size more compatible for phones of the present and future. Victims of the recent #bendgate epidemic, rejoice… help is on the way.

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