Powered Labs is an Official Supporter for IBM’s #CallforCode 2018

by | Jul 3, 2018

Call for Code gives developers a platform to address global crises, natural disasters, and fundamentally change the world through technology & software solutions

TAMPA & MIAMI, FL (Updated July 9 2018): Powered Labs is an official Program Supporter for IBM’s inaugural global initiative, the Call for Code. The international effort calls developers worldwide to design and build sustainable technological solutions to mitigate human suffering in the face of natural disasters. Winners will receive $200k to implement their solutions and bring them to market. Notable program supporters include United Nations Human Rights, the American Red Cross, and the Linux Foundation. The initiative itself was created and run by David Clarke Cause.

“Powered Labs is beyond honored to be supporting the #CallforCode Challenge and amplifying the message that technology can solve humankind’s biggest problems, and power the future,” says Miné R. Salkin, Vice President of Marketing at Powered Labs.

Participants of the initiative will devise new applications to help communities better prepare and respond to natural disasters. For instance, developers may create apps that uses weather data and supply chain information to alert pharmacies to increase supplies of medicine, bottled water and other items based on predicted weather-related disruption.

Powered Labs, a software development company and marketing firm, is supporting the initiative through its participation in the #CallforCode social blitz – a social media campaign that projects to hit one billion impressions as dignitaries, celebrities, and brands contribute their voices to the conversation.

“As a tech company and group of global citizens ourselves, we always think about how we can leverage software and digital messaging to improve people’s lives,” says Ms. Salkin. “We’re very excited to roll out our multi-channel campaign to amplify this crowdsourcing challenge and get as many people involved in the cause as we can.”

About Call for Code

The 2018 Call for Code Global Challenge is a competition that asks developers to outthink natural disasters and build solutions that significantly improve the current state of natural disaster preparedness in order to reduce the disruptive impact on human lives, health, and wellbeing. It is the first event run by the Call for Code Global Initiative. The prize structure is intended to act as an incentive for teams to build high-quality, lasting solutions that can be deployed in the areas of greatest need and that benefits all parties.

“The Call for Code Global Initiative was created to realize the full potential of developers, as they play a critical role in driving innovation that can shape and save lives. When these change agents are inspired to use their unique skills to help people in need, they do,” said David Clark, founder, David Clark Cause, who appointed IBM as the Initiative’s Founding member.

Submissions will be judged, and winners will be recognized at a globally broadcasted Award Event and Concert on the International Day for Disaster Reduction on October 13th, 2018. The Call for Code Global Prize will be presented to the winning team by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and an IBM Senior Executive.

For more information, visit https://callforcode.org/

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