Writers everywhere rejoice! The Hemingwrite is nearly here. After a successful Kickstarter campaign with more than $300,000 raised, the Hemingwrite ships in September and I can’t wait to get mine.

What is Hemingwrite? The Hemingwrite is the typewriter of the 21st Century. Wait a tick, typewriter of the 21st Century? Don’t you mean a computer?

Negatory. The Hemingwrite is a distraction-free word-processor in the physical form of a typewriter. It combines a mechanical keyboard, e-paper screen, and cloud-backups into one beautiful metal case. The battery on this puppy clocks in at 4 weeks and change, with an e-paper screen that is daylight, indoor, outdoor and nighttime readable. The Hemingwrite boasts an awesome retro design, and with its sturdy aluminum casing, is durable and designed for the mobile writer on the go.


Hemingwrite on the go

There are many modern distractions (such as games, Facebook, social notifications etc) on devices like laptops, tablets, and smart phones that make it even more difficult to complete the next great American novel.  As a tech junkie myself, I love these devices and have nothing against them. I use all of these items in my everyday life, work and play, but many writers and students miss and the simplicity of the typewriter. Finally, this modern-day typewriter holds the promise of true distraction-free writing, with the motto to “set your thoughts free.”

The Hemingwrite has the tactility of an old-school typewriter. Every logophile loves that clicky feel and sound of the quick compression of keys. The body is made of beautifully crafted aluminum which hugs the highest quality mechanical keyboard.

The Hemingwrite also has the conveniences and amenities of modern tech. Your Hemingwrite will connect securely to Evernote or any cloud storage of your choice, and as you type it syncs to your cloud in real time.

I feel a warm chill down my spine every time I close my eyes and think about this machine of print, this creator of oeuvre.

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