We can all see the way technology changes our lives every day. In the same way that Google and smart phones have revolutionized the way we interact and function on a day to day basis, now drones have come to make an impact in more than just attacks on the battlefield. In a few years we could be relying on drones as much as we now rely on our phones.

We’ve already been seeing lots of new uses and ideas for drones like, drone delivery, the use of  drones in film and even an up-coming drone circus. Law enforcement has been using them to monitor drug trafficking across our borders and providing assistance to first responders in search and rescue missions. Drones can be equipped with infrared cameras, allowing responders to identify the heat signature of a body underneath a bank of snow on a mountain or under a pile of rubble in a disaster area. Scientists are also getting in on the drone action, using them to monitor sea lions in Alaska, conducting hurricane and environmental research and assessing damages in areas too dangerous for humans after natural or industrial disasters. Even farmers are looking forward to taking advantage of drone technology for crop dusting and disease detection. They could save millions per year by using camera-equiped drones. A $300 drone could replace manned aircraft flyovers which can cost $1,000 per hour.


Think of this scenario: You’re hanging out with a few friends at your house. You all decide you want some ice-cream, but no one feels like driving… So you simply call in the order, turn on your drone and send your drone to pick up your goodies. Within 20 minutes you and your friends are all enjoying some delicious ice cream without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. This dream could actually become a reality a lot sooner than you think! A company called Darwin Aerospace has developed the Burrito Bomber, a drone equipped to carry and drop a parachute-wrapped burrito. This could lead to all kinds of food delivery and may end up eliminating the need for delivery personnel. Innovators will always continue to develop other practical applications for commercial integration.


Those are just a few possibilities… There could be drone mail, drone tour guides, drone med deliveries in rural villages and so much more. Drones could be the superheroes that save the world. Proposed drone rules and drone laws have been placed to cover some of the concerns for privacy and invasion, but there’s still a ways to go. Lots of details need to be thought out and discussed before many businesses are able to take full advantage of the drones. Either way, realizing that these possibilities are so close is pretty exciting.

The changes to come will be really beneficial, but like anything else we can assume some people will abuse their privileges. This is why the FAA is working on setting strict standards and many companies are working to create technologies that will protect drones from the multitude of issues that might arise in the future. We must be ready to take advantage of drones, but be prepared and educated on how to do it safely and secure.

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