Incubate is a new iOS mobile application that allows a user to send a message in time, like a capsule, as far as 25 years into the future.

Imagine your grandmother wishing you a happy 30th birthday, years after she’s passed away. Imagine sharing the moment you found out you were pregnant with your child, and sending it to them years later.

You just got a video message from your grandma wishing you a happy birthday on your phone. But she died 10 years ago. That’s what the Incubate app is for.

Let’s talk realistically though. Incubate is a very cool idea, but how executable is it? Is someone really going to have the same phone number for 25 years? What if they don’t check their e-mail, or change their e-mail address? What if they don’t have Facebook?

In any case, it’s a very clever idea, produced by a firm in Atlanta as a response to the more popular, instant-gratification messaging apps like Snapchat and Messenger, which relay messages instantly. Incubator offers a novel way to relive your favorite memories, years after they’ve occurred.

Watch the hilarious Mad-Max inspired commercial below, though be warned, it’s a little NSFW. Use Incubate responsibly.

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