What is Launch?

launch logoLaunch is a free social app that helps you break the ice with new people who are looking for the same thing you are. No chatting, profiles, or endless messaging back and forth. Launch will only activate for people in the very same area as you, only when you’re active. You see someone you like, say hello and if they’re not interested, no hard feelings!
Powered Labs has partnered with GlanceConnect to create this app which will be one of the first of its kind made for Google Glass! Our story was featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal by reporter Margaret Cashill.
Your privacy is very important. Launch will only start updating your location after you turn your visibility on, and it will never reveal your precise location. Anyone who can be seen in the app is likely in the same room. Don’t be shy, go launch a conversation.

How does it work?

launch usersWhen you see a user and you would like to say hello, press on their picture. You’ll be given four options to break the ice: Chat, Coffee, Drinks, or “?” – you decide. If they choose to respond, then you’ll receive a notification in the top left corner of the main screen. You can access your profile, by pressing the profile icon on the top right.
You’re able to see other users within a 200ft radius of your location. If the person disappears from the main screen then they are no longer available to message.
When someone sends you a message they will pop up here. Swipe left to delete the message, swipe to the right to respond to their message. You’re given a set of 3 messages to respond, pick one, and have some fun! Their image will update with the message that you sent to them.

How is it different?

Launch is one of the world’s very first social apps designed specifically with Google Glass integration in mind. Powered Labs is one of the only Glass developers in the Tampa Bay area, and are setting the pace for the next string of apps made for wearable technologies.
We already are developing new features for the next version of our app that will make it even easier to meet new people.  Launch is what the user makes of it, based on their social and and personal interests!
Watch our trailer and see it in action for yourself!
Download it for free on the Google Play Store here:
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