So, I don’t even have kids but I’m super excited about this toy! Growing up my mom was very strict about not letting us have a gaming system in the home because she wanted us to stay active and not be hooked to a screen all day. It wasn’t until the Wii came out that we were able to get our first gaming system, and this was because the Wii was known for keeping players active. I will say that I completely agree with her decision and will probably do the same with my own kiddos. Thanks to technological advances my kids probably won’t be too upset when they see the new game options like Lumo. Lumo is a pico projector that shines animated scenes and games onto flat 4 feet by 6 feet surfaces. You can make any space a play space and kids use their entire bodies to interact with the projections. They can finally skip on rocks over bubbling lava, play games like Greedy Greedy Gators and air hockey or even design their own game to interact with. Your child can make custom designs using Lumo’s online game template tools. The scenes respond to jumping, kicking, stomping and hand waving and will grow with your kids; can be tailored from ages 2-12. lumo-lava-projector The Lumo projector will launch with more than 100 games, but the company said it will be opening up a software development kit (SDK) to developers who could potentially make their own games and apps available for projection. The device itself runs on Android software, but the games can be controlled via iOS devices, as well. The price is $549 and ships this December.
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