There is never a lack of fun and “aha” moments for anyone who steps into MOSI. With its amazing displays and inventive ways of education kids, it’s hard to frown when you’re in there. Go any day and you’ll even see adults who look like they might’ve forgotten their age as they run around smiling and trying all of the cool interactive displays.

There is no escaping the magical and the mythical.

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MOSI always has events going on and this Sunday they’re holding a special coding event. It will be a hands-on workshop covering the basics of computer programming. They will be using a visual programing language developed by MIT called Scratch. At this event you’ll learn some skills to create games or interactive stories.

Megan Haskins, Marketing and communications specialist, says they’ve seen a growing interest in the younger generation for coding and robotics so of course MOSI is jumping in and supporting all young developers. We couldn’t be happier about the opportunities MOSI is bringing to our little Einsteins and we fully support their events.

Coding 101 will take place this Sunday from 11-1pm and is geared to towards kids 7-12 years of age. Admission is $20 and members get a $5 discounts so you pay $15.

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Don’t miss this awesome opportunity for your kids. Hey, who knows… maybe you’ll learn a few things too.

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