This week we stopped by MOSI to check out some of their exhibits. Of course, we were not disappointed… I mean, I don’t know how you could be. It’s a wonderland of excitement and innovation over there. You mean I get to learn while playing? sign me up! We had a lot of fun and got to learn so much thanks to Megan Haskins, the marketing and communications specialist at MOSI. We experienced the Bio Works Butterfly Garden, the hurricane simulator, the Kids In Charge building, Mission Moonbase and the 3D Printing exhibition. We’ve only scratched the surface of exhibits at MOSI, but we will be back soon to make sure we don’t miss one drop of excitement! The video of our day at MOSI will be airing next week, so make sure you stay tuned. Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.52.43 PM