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by | May 24, 2021

There has been a recent popularity with making music electronically via computer programs such as Abelton Live and Logic. These require aspiring artist to lug around a bulky lap top that often can’t be positioned comfortably unless it is placed upon a flat service during travel (which many artists often do). Mobile devices are now coming into the music production view with a variety of applications that not only allow user to listen to music, but now allow user to make their own music. Here are a few of the best music production applications that are available for download in the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store.

FL Studio Mobile – $19.99 (iOS/Android)

FL Studio is a renowned production software for many artists around the world such as DeadMau5, Porter Robinson, and Martin Garrix. The mobile version of FL Studio shares the same design input of the desktop version. There is a variety of sample based instruments that can be altered to create different rhythms via a piano roll.

The app is continuously updating for better production use and quality which provides new features including audio tracks for importing and editing audio files. Although the app isn’t fully a reflection of the desktop version of FL Studio, the mobile versions still includes the ability for a multi-track DAW to take with you on-the-go.

Touch DAW – $4.99 (Android)

If you’re in search of a DAW and Midi control app, look no further than TouchDAW Mobile for Android devices. TouchDAW features multi-touch compatible launchpads, keyboards, MIDI controllers, and even mixing capabilities. TouchDAW is an in-depth mixing application on your Android tablet or smartphone.

A feature of TouchDAW is the compatibility with desktop DAWs, this compatibility allows users to use it as a separate mixer or synthesizer whilst your project is being produced. This feature which is extremely useful. Although this TouchDAW is only available for Android devices, TouchDAW’s files are compatible on iOS and Windows phones.

Steinberg Cubase – $49.99 (iOS – iPad Only)

Steinberg Cubase is one of the biggest names in music production software. The iOS mobile version of Cubase brings the features of the desktop version into a portable world. A multi-touch capable sequencer compatibility allows user to record, edit and mix your projects with ease.

Mobile Cubase features an array of unlimited audio and MIDI tracks along with effects, instruments, and loops. The mobile version of Cubase is reviewed to be one of the best DAWs outside of a computer.

Lemur – $24.99 (iOS/Android)

Used as a MIDI and OSC controller application, Lemur makes it easy to create a variety of sequences while traveling and on-the-go. The app allows users to control MIDI instruments whilst using a deep sequencer. Lemur is also multi-touch functional.

Lemur allows users to script custom widgets within the app from a HTML5 element via a Canvas feature. Skins of controllers and widgets are also available within the app for customization.


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