Meet the Splash Drone, the answer to any drone operator’s fears. South Florida drone researcher and developers are working on a drone that is rugged, durable and is 100% amphibious.

The Splash Drone means stress-free flying over bodies of water, pools, lakes and rivers. The unit is encased in a waterproof exterior with a waterproof gimbal that mounts a GoPro camera. In this way, the Splash Drone can safely land on water, plus be completely submerged under water to take photos and videos.

Creator Alex Rodriguez from Urban Drones believes the SD will appeal to everyone of the drone-flying variety. He has built many types of drones before, but he was inspired by boating and fishing friends in Florida to come up with a waterproof quadcopter.

Rodriguez’ project collected currently over $200K from Kickstarter, where it asked for only $17.5K in funding.

It features a live video feed, packs a two pound payload release mechanism, follow-me mode, smartphone-app based control, nearly 20 minutes of flight, GoPro dive case, and an emergency flare system all for $1,299. The Splash Drone is expected to start shipping out this July.

Seeing your drone crash at your feet is one of the most common footage seen by drone owners, sad to say it but it’s true.

Perhaps Splash Drone will save us from those harrowing moments such as the one below.

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