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POWERED LABS to Host a #CALLFORCODE Hackathon on August 28th

Call for Code gives developers a platform to address pressing societal issues such as natural disasters and fundamentally change the world through technology

TAMPA, FL (August 22, 2018): Powered Labs, a software developer and branding agency, is hosting a Call for Code Day at its Tampa headquarters on August 28th from 6-9pm. Call for Code, created by David Clark Cause, with Founding Partner IBM, is a global initiative calling upon developers to create applications that address challenges around natural disasters.

Powered Labs invites developers in the Tampa Bay area to register for the event and work alongside them to build solutions together. Teams will have until September 28th to submit their applications for judging in the final competition. Notable cash awards, such as the grand prize of $200,000, deployment of their technology via IBM’s Corporate Service Corps, and the opportunity to pitch their solution to New Enterprise Associates for evaluation and feedback.

Technologies, such as AI, Blockchain and Cloud services, will be provided to Call for Code developers for free by IBM.

Call for Code speaks directly to Powered Labs, whose staff know first-hand the effects of natural disasters on their families and communities.

“With offices in Tampa and Houston, we fully understand the panic and fear that comes with a significant, impending weather event,” says Miné Salkin, VP of Marketing at Powered Labs.

“Whether Irma, Harvey, or another hurricane is headed your way, and you can’t find gas or water nearby, you have to think that there could be solutions for these problems,” Ms. Salkin says. “Tampa has a diverse and qualified pool of developers and technology experts, and we’re sure that our community can build something that will make a difference to the lives of so many.”

Notable program partners include United Nations Human Rights, the American Red Cross, the Linux Foundation and others. Noted celebrities, actors, musicians, and thought leaders have joined the cause on social media to support Call for Code by promoting World Humanitarian Day via their channels to raise awareness and fuel interest worldwide.  Participating celebrities include Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Kesha, Ryan Seacrest, Luke Bryan, Cyndi Lauper, Marcia Gay Harden, futurist Jason Silva and many others.

Participants of the initiative will devise new applications to help communities better prepare and respond to natural disasters. For instance, developers may create apps that uses weather data and supply chain information to alert pharmacies to increase supplies of medicine, bottled water and other items based on predicted weather-related disruption.

“As a tech company and group of global citizens ourselves, we always think about how we can leverage software and digital messaging to improve people’s lives,” says Ms. Salkin. “We’re very excited to amplify this crowdsourcing challenge and get as many people involved in the cause as we can.”

Powered Labs invites developers, activists and concerned members to participate in the campaign to synergize efforts to create sustainable solutions for the problems at hand. To register, visit:

WHAT: the 2018 Call for Code hackathon at Powered Labs

WHERE: 2806 N 34th Ave, Tampa, FL

WHEN: Tuesday, August 28th, 2018, from 6-9 pm

WHY: To answer the call – build technologies to save lives worldwide

About Call for Code

The 2018 Call for Code Global Challenge is a competition that asks developers to outthink natural disasters and build solutions that significantly improve the current state of natural disaster preparedness and relief in order to reduce the disruptive impact on human lives, health, and wellbeing. The prize structure is intended to act as an incentive for teams to build high-quality, lasting solutions that can be deployed in the areas of greatest need and that benefits all parties.

Submissions will be judged, and winners will be recognized at a live-streamed all-star concert and award event on October 29th, 2018. For more information, visit

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