It’s Apple watch pre-order time! Today at 12pm Western or 3am Eastern, you will be able to pre-order your apple watch. Are you going with the simple fitness band, or are you going all out with the gold watch? So many awesome choices… Check out all of your options and pre-order here. Just in case you didn’t watch, or forgot about the Apple Watch event, here are some highlights announced about the watch and some new apps that you will be able to use on it.

Health Kit

Health Kit wasn’t too impressive, only because most smart watches currently in the market already offer the same health and fitness tracking features. Though it will be interesting to see how it measures against other smartwatches in terms of performance, particularly with other fitness-oriented wearables like Jawbone or Garmin.

Research Kit

Research Kit may revolutionize medical research. This app allows you to input your health information and with your permission, it then becomes available to a multitude of health research institutes. It’s allowing anyone with an Apple device to become a part of finding cures for many diseases that have been so difficult to explore due to inaccurate sampling and data. There are currently five apps available to begin research: Diabetes, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular disease, asthma and breast cancer. Research Kit is open source, welcoming everyone to help find and create new research that will hopefully someday change the world. Research-Kit-Apps-640x360

Apple Watch

Finally for the main event, the Apple watch. A lot of us in the office felt that it left a lot to be desired. It tells time, keeps track of your health and fitness, and receives texts, calls and emails. Well this has all been done before so impressive it was not. But it did add some cool connectivity features that made us smile a bit. A new feature called digital touch allows you to connect apple watch to apple watch. You can send drawings, poke and even send your heartbeat. I really liked the heartbeat option… hopeless romantic much? Anyways, The Apple watch had great design which is what will probably take Apple over the edge. Their design is always killer and although this watch isn’t the new sliced bread, it’ll definitely make some heads turn and hey, isn’t that what everyone wants? By the way… That’s a solid gold Apple watch… Yeah. You can get one for a small chunk of change, only $10,000! Apple-Watch-Edition-18K-gold-version