Valor Connection is a new business that provides high quality new and certified network equipment. We affiliate ourselves with vendors that share the same values we cherish – commitment, accountability, efficiency, integrity, and valor. Our certified pre-owned equipment is benchmarked using the most thorough and rigorous standards in the marketplace today. We stand behind our products with an industry-leading 5 year warranty on most products. Our company stands for doing what’s right. Valor! We built a sharp, cutting-edge online storefront for Valor Connection to showcase their products and provided Valor Connection with a new custom logo and artwork to give them a distinct look. Powered Labs also created their online identity and manages their social media channels, giving Valor Connection a personalized identity and presence in the community. Website Facebook | Twitter Powered Labs also is the social media manager for the networking equipment vendor, managing multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Our digital department also oversees the content production for the website’s blog, The Valor Blog. On LinkedIn, we created a powerful advertising campaign that increased traffic by nearly 400% over a one-month period. Our advertisements were specific, targeted, and predicated on getting out the brand identity and core company principles of Valor Connection. To create a corporate identity for Valor, we looked at the values that its CEO shared. We came up with a strong, patriotic theme to our core logo, with artwork to emphasize the principles of integrity and excellence.

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March 16, 2014