Released March 11, 2018

From capturing stunning photos in the day or dark of night, making your self a live emoji to impress your friends or Samsung’s new built in Dolby Atmos sound system that turns any space into a live concert. Regardless of your reasoning for purchasing a new S9 device, Samsung’s new S9 & S9+ will be sure to please anyone!

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

The new standard for mobile technology!

Offering up a beautiful design, top specs and one of the most interesting camera setups around!

Reimagined Camera

This new camera adapts like the human eye allowing you to take pictures in bright, low light and even extreme low light. What allows this? A multi image processor takes place on the actual camera sensor itself allowing the S9 to take a perfect image in any occasion or situation!

AR Technology

Now you can turn your self into a live emoji to make your self stand out in a way like no other!  Simply take a picture of your self and make a customized emoji of your self to impress your friends. No other phone is offering this right now!

Stereo Speakers

Samsung has also added stereo speakers to the Galaxy S9 and S9+. These speakers are tuned by AKG and should greatly enhance the entertainment experience on Samsung’s smartphones. With Dolby Almos you can now feel like your at your favorite concert!


Samsung’s entire promotion is surrounding the Galaxy S9 series pretty much centers on its improved camera! It’s reimagined camera!

The Galaxy S9 is immediately recognizable as a Samsung design with its Samsung-characteristic curves along the long edges; it offers an 18.5:9 aspect ratio displaying 1550 x 2960 pixels. 

You can pick up your new S9 or S9+ in black, lilac, or blue, with the colors being nicer than expected!

Camera Tips

Samsung’s new camera interface introduced with Oreo has a clever swiping mechanism to switch between different shooting modes like Auto, Pro, Super slow-mo and more. One of the best parts about it is your ability to customize the order and placement of these modes, keeping the ones you use the most close to Auto and leaving the rest further away or completely disabled.