What is Symafour?

It is a way to connect to other people in your area based on similar interests. Do you have a car club trying to add new members? Are you tired of your so called “friends” that never want to go to the same movies you do? It’s your interests, it’s your meet ups, it’s your data.

What Do You Want To Talk About?

Rediscover your passion for conversation with Symafour. Explore new groups and interests that appeal to you, or create your own group discussion and share your passions with others. We’ve created a place for you to talk about what you want, as well as the ability to find others who share your similar interests. It’s up to you. You decide. It’s your interests, your discussions, and your meetups.

Why Is Symafour So Different?

While on the go, Symafour helps connect people of similar interests, giving you a place to congregate, commune, and explore the world together. Symafour is your new conversation and connection point; bringing you back in contact with people, based on mutual interests and discussions. You share and others join in with you. Go to a Symafour event! Meet your friends out in the real world, compete in scavenger hunts, and participate in fun challenges.

It’s your Interests…It’s also your Data

A common issue with social media sites these days is that once your personal information is uploaded to their servers, they take ownership of what is actually yours. They confiscate your personal data, plain and simple. Here at Symafour, we believe that you own your data. Which is why, if you decide to delete your account, your personal data will be gone forever. We’ll never give or sell your information to anyone, ever! It’s your information, do what you want with it.   Symafour_IPhone_Download_Type_2_Designs