Next in our series about coding and development lessons is a profile on the Iron Yard—born in 2012 in South Carolina, the school’s mission is to educate and empower the next generation of  coders and builders.

Two years later, it’s become the biggest code academy in the country, expanding campuses all over the South US including one school here in our neighborhood, Tampa-St. Petersburg. What makes Iron Yard unique is that it teaches to both adults and to young children and is fully committed to educating those to the powers of software development.


Their courses are comprehensive and cover everything from web design to mobile to front end engineering. More specifically, their web design courses teach UX/ UI design in addition to front-end code like HTML and CSS. Not only that but their fieldtrips include real businesses like MailChimp and BMW. the_iron_yard

Mobile Engineering

Their mobile course covers Xcode5 and Objective-C for iOS apps. Eventually we hope they’ll adapt to the new Swift language (the one we use at Powered Labs) and the latest from Apple. For the full courses listing, check out their page here. Their courses span 12 weeks and are like a typical 5-day workweek with lectures in the morning and labs in the afternoon.

The Future of Coding

But what we do know is, for the foreseeable future, coding is one of the most important and desirable skills there is, no matter how it evolves. – Mashable

Many are saying that one of the most important skills to have looking forward to the future is coding. And education is key – HTML and CSS might not survive in their current form to 2020, so we have to be adaptable and always learning.  
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