Have you heard of the 3D Robotics Solo drone? It’s incredibly smart, incredibly high-quality consumer end, and incredibly competitive to DJI’s Phantom series. Best yet, it’s nearly impossible to crash, a great advantage and security feature for drone enthusiasts.

You might wonder what’s different with this drone? Here’s a quick snapshot of the specs:

  • enhanced controls: computers in the controller and in the drone
  • full access to the GoPro controls in flight
  • software that makes novice drone operators tackle intricate shots with only a couple of taps
  • automatic takeoff and landing
  • follow-me mode
  • if you fall or drop the remote, the drone hovers above awaiting your recovery
  • 3DR gives you a full money-back guarantee after 30 days if either a) the drone broke in flight or b) you got bored of it.
  • you can start and stop recordings in flight
  • you can change the camera’s frame-rate mid-flight
  • is a filmmaker’s dream come true
  • starts at $1K

Competition between 3D Robotics Solo Drone and DJI

Last week, DJI released the revamped new generation of its most popular and favored model the Phantom Vision 3. Its most spectacular upgrades were the 4K camera improvement, plus the ability to live-stream video taken from the drone directly to YouTube. However, it’s safe to say that the Solo will be a big competitor to the Phantom this year. The CEO of Solo, Colin Guinn, even came from DJI and used to shoot aerial films for Hollywood.

It’s April, so that gives you plenty of time to start begging your loved ones for your next birthday or Christmas present.