Here’s a brief  Apple Watch review for those who are considering investing in this hot new device just a couple of weeks after its long anticipated release. As you may have already read, reviews are somewhat mingled, with Android-devout fans touting the superiority of Android Wear. All in all, Apple Watch reviews have been more or less favorable, especially for a first generation product.

Hairy, dark, tattooed wrists

If you’re dark skinned, hirsuite or have your wrists and arms adorned with black or red ink, you might run into a few issues with your Apple Watch. According to Dr. John Feiner, a pulse oximetry researcher at Hypoxia Lab and professor at the University of California San Francisco, color could be the issue effecting the functionality of the heart rate monitor.

“Melanin does absorb the infrared and red light that pulse oximetry uses. And my guess is that tattoos, depending on their color, could reflect some of the light so that it doesn’t pass through the tissue. Certainly, skin coloration could have a pretty big effect.”

The #TattooGate prompted a more political round of slogans including #BlackWristsMatter in the debate. So, if you’re darker skinned, perhaps the Apple Watch isn’t the smartwatch for you.

Diagnostic port portal


Turns out that the diagnostic port (where the band attaches to the Apple Watch device) can transfer energy to the battery more quickly than the charging pad on the back of it, among other untapped possibilities that will give incredible capabilities and accessories by other developers. Imagine a strap that charges your watch during the day, similarly to those iPhone cases that charge your smartphone up. According to Engadget, Apple didn’t intend for this discovery to be made—opening the doors for third party developers—and will likely try to squash out the competition.

Apple Watch Review: Other factors

Amongst the top issues we’ve already outlined, there are other considerations to take if you’re thinking about buying an Apple Watch, especially if you’re weighing the benefits and cons say against, a similarly priced Android watch variety.

  • the stainless steel casing scratches very easily (although, there is a very simple way to repair it in less than 5 minutes)
  • despite being a fitness device, the Apple Watch is not waterproof, though it is water resistant. Forget about swimming with this bad boy, in fact even showering with it could put your investment at risk.
  • battery life—unfortunately sucks. If you’re using the apps during the day and working out, you’ll need to charge it as soon as you get home in the evening. For that reason, forget about using it for sleep tracking.
  • No camera. Really?
  • Cannot go far untethered. At least with Android’s devices you can use them solo without your smartphone. Apple needs to get on this asap.

The Apple Watch is certainly beautiful, but we believe that like a first generation product, it feels like a first effort. The next version is likely to get much better, competing in the smartwatch market is a great breeding ground for innovation.

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