Google just changed the game again, this time introducing the Chromebit. It’s a dongle that connects to any television via USB and turns it into a computer.

That’s right, the Chromebit has its own operating system. That means all that is required is a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and voila! You have a fully operational Chromebook that’s hardly bigger than a portable flash drive.

This isn’t your typical streaming device like its predecessor the Chromecast; it does more than just mirror your laptop, it actually replaces it altogether.

Chromebit’s goal is to make technology accessible and easily so.

By simply plugging this device into any display, you can turn it into a computer. It’s the perfect upgrade for an existing desktop and will be really useful for schools and businesses. – Source: Google Blog

The Chromebit is manufactured by ASUS, and comes equipped with a USB 2.0 port, wifi support, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 GB of ran and 16 GB of eMMC memory.

It also comes with a swiveling HDMI port so it doesn’t stick out too much behind the television or screen it’s mounted to.

Google’s promised that the Chromebit will cost less than $100 and will be available in blue, orange or silver.

The Chromebit is slated to be released this summer.

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