The essential content marketing toolkit

by | Jul 10, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, professional content writers aren’t just born overnight. Not everyone can start their day and hammer out 8,000 words of focused, delightful, engaging content that captivates the reader, and inspires them to take action. Truthfully, the experience of becoming a writer is difficult, disciplined, and involves an arduous educational process rife with frustration, criticism, and discarded drafts.

If you’ve ever experienced difficulty in the content marketing process, you’re not alone. At Powered Labs, we’ve identified some tools that help in the content marketing process. We hope that it will help you save time in the research, production phase, plus also spare any precious hairs on your head that you may pull out.

Please note that using these tools won’t automatically make you a content marketing whiz, but they will at least help guide you and dissipate the frustration and get to the heart of the matter. The best option for your sanity (and your business) truly is to hire an outside agency with a track record you can trust for managing and executing your content marketing strategy.


The essential content marketing toolkit

Part 1: Keyword and Content Audit Tools

Google Alerts – This handy research tool will alert you to specific topics, keywords, or brands that appear on the search engine’s results. Creating an alert will trigger an email containing the information that you are looking to discover as it is published in real time. This can be particularly handy if you’re looking for breaking news, or recent articles to inspire new content from.

Google Keyword Planner – This tool will show trends and keyword data to help you plan what kind of content you want to produce, and how difficult it will be to attact traffic for it. It provides the number of searches for certain keywords and the cost per click if buying ads. This can be useful if you’re gearing up content centered around an event, or have a lot of competition surrounding a certain topic.

iSpionage – This 3rd party tool is great to search competitor data. You can uncover information about your competitors such as, what keywords they are targeting,  see if they are spending money on paid search, plus even see their advertising copy.

Spyfu – This is another useful tool that provides more insights into competitor content and strategies. Like many other of these tools, Spyfu is a subscription-based model and the number of tools and features you can access will depend on the membership level you have.


Part 2: Content Generation Tools

We also have a handful of writing tools we like to use when creating content.

Feedly – You choose the topics you’re targeting, and Feedly builds feeds based on those topics. You can find related and fresh content with this tool, helping you generate ideas not only for your assignment in hand but for future planning as well.

Hubspot – This is a tool that can help by automatically generating a week’s worth of ideas for blog posts. It is simple to use – simply inputting a few nouns, the tool produces topics almost instantly.

Grammarly – This is a wonderful tool for proofreading your content. You can either sign into the website and copy and paste your content, or you can download the Chrome extension, which integrates with Gmail, and tons of other apps for seamless on-the-go editing.

Yoast SEO – This is a plugin for websites that indicates whether or not your post content is properly optimized.

Part 3: Promoting and Measuring Content Effectiveness

We have a couple of favorite tools to promote and measure our content.

CoSchedule – This tool is amazing at scheduling content to go to social media pages, blogs, or emails. You can create campaigns within the dashboard itself, assign tasks to team members, and even create an approval process within your team.

Google Analytics – This tool is both free and is priceless. You can gather great insights from the data it provides. We use this tool all the time. You can see which pages convert the best, and provide new forms of content to complement what’s already working for your business.

Content Marketing is Essential for Success

Getting the right content can bolster up your brand and assist you in competing with bigger companies. Some require fees, but in the long run, they will be worth the investment.

Your long-term success online depends in large part on your content. So, taking the time to plan content, create content, and analyze results make it well worth it.

To kickstart a winning content marketing strategy, contact the team at Powered Labs today. We’ll start you with an in-depth content audit and assess the best route to success.

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