The Runcible is a reminder of the simplicity of the past. Modern life and the race for the ultimate wearable computer has almost obstructed that simplicity, but the Runcible’s design and focus is bringing it back.

What is the Runcible? It’s a digital pocketwatch, a smart timepiece that is perhaps one of the most unique devices we’ve seen in a long time.

The device operates on Firefox OS, and in this stage has a wood-backed plate. In the future, users will be able to customize the backing to a multitude of materials like metal, ceramics, and various textured plastics in different colors.

The Runcible features a camera on the back which the user can take photographs by rotating their wrist. It also is an attempt to bridge that wearable gap by also being able to work as a phone; it has a slot for a SIM card and can also take calls via bluetooth from your mobile device.

Rather than bombarding you with a flurry of social media notifications, the Runcible alerts you to a more subtle way of changing colors on the screen when you get an influx of messages, Instagram likes or other social cues.

San Fran startup Monohm hasn’t announced a price, though its likely to hit up in the $600 range, like an unlocked smartphone. The company’s niche is crafting heirloom electronics and technology, which they’ve dubbed “New Necessities.”

This is a sweet piece that might rival the Apple Watch… maybe.

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