Welcome to part three of our roasting and brewing saga; the Powered Labs’ quest for the ultimate brew. Witness the transformation of earthly beans to a tantalizing elixir—the dark.

We Like the Strong Stuff

Most of you might have heard of a little company that roasts much of their coffee to the second pop. Starbucks anyone? The ubiquitous coffee purveyor to the world. I know many do not care for this bold of a roast and it’s understandable. Certainly not all coffee’s need to be roasted this long, we just happen to like bolder earthy coffees. So to explain a bit further, the first pop is a lighter roast and believed by many to highlight certain flavors like crispness for lighter fruitier coffees, or brightness associated with many coffees from South America, whereas the second pop coffees tend to be bolder roast like Pacific rim coffees with earthy notes like Sumatra. Again, we know many do not care for dark roasting coffee whereas others only seem to roast dark, so as is most often the case in life, do what you like. We drink a lot of espresso, so we tend to like darker roasts. ‘Nuff said.

And So it Begins


The Glow, The Smell, The Wait

Its dark outside and we are roasting under the starry night sky. The red glow of the filament is rather fetching in the darkness. For those of you that are concerned, we have lights available and there is in fact a light source within the machine itself. The beans are now been tumbling and the smell wafting from the roaster reminds all of us of burnt popcorn. Time is passing, but rather slowly it seems. Anticipation of the first pop has created a sense of dread, which is weird because that is the antithesis of what I was expecting. Have I mentioned this is our first time roasting coffee? We understand the principles, but have no real world knowledge. So our excitement is mixed with unease with the timer running out and still no popping. The adventure is again at an end, but stay tuned in for next weeks hopeful triumph of coffee finally popping its way to delicious goodness. Oh the anticipation…COFFEE!!!!!!!!    
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