Welcome to part two of our roasting and brewing saga; the Powered Labs’ quest for the ultimate brew. Witness this cautionary tale as earthly beans are torched to perfection, but not to destruction.

How does this thing work?

So we finally have the machine tested and properly running. Excitement is returning with thought of morning coffee being shared, made by my own hands…well sort of anyway.

The coffee is chosen (Sumatra) and the measurements done (1/4 lb.) while the roaster is pre-heated for one minute to help roast the coffee darker, which is the preferred roast for Sumatra for our crew.

Pre-Set buttons

P1, 1/4Lb, & Start to the Ultimate Brew

We did have to add time to the program to make the second pop. In fact we almost did not make the first pop in regular time. There is much to learn.

coffee bean with smokeThe stage is set, buttons are pushed, the timer spring to life and begins its regression, the machines mesh drum begins to spin and the red glow of the roasters oven filaments warm and begin to glow and the green coffee starts its metamorphosis. All seems to be good with the world, and it remains that way till the roast nears its end.

Now those of you that are familiar with coffee roasting are most likely familiar with the first and second pop associated with the process. Those unfamiliar might be asking coffee pops? Yes it does, and timing is everything. You can quickly go from tasty brew to cup of burnt sludge.

Join us next week in our saga chronicling the journey from green bean to magical elixir.

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