Let Powered Labs spin a tale between two beans, and discuss the Bean Tech that is the Behmor 1600 Plus gourmet coffee roaster. Here is part one of our roasting and brewing saga, the quest for the ultimate brew.

God Bless the Roasters

God Bless the roasters of the kingdom, who grease the wheels of progress around the world. Without this motivator, the industrial revolution might not have happened or continue to pave the road of innovation. Fuel is needed for any machine to operate and humans are no different. We could rely on the four food groups and eat healthy, but really who are we kidding? We drag ourselves out of bed each morning and, in a zombie-like trance, walk to the kitchen or with weary eyes, in a near comatose state, traveling to the local caffeinator down the street.

Round one: Let the Roasting Begin

This looks simple enough!

Press a few buttons and toss some green coffee beans into a metal cage and voila fresh roasted coffee to brew from the virgin roaster.

Nope, wrong, nyet, and nein.

I mean that is in fact exactly what you do to roast coffee, but there is quite a bit of knowledge required to understanding the nuances of such a seemingly mundane task.

Why does it keep turning itself off?

The directions are not clear, and the many message boards discussing the Behmor 1600 will attest to this fact. The instruction booklet states that the roaster must be accompanied at all times, which it makes quite clear. The issue is not explaining what to do when the info screen starts blinking it’s error message and then shortly turns off. You might be asking “why is that a problem?” Sarcastically of course. No, there is no problem repeating the test phase over and over again not knowing how to prevent the machine’s imminent shut down.

The solution is quite simple once known. SIMPLY PRESS THE START BUTTON and resume your roast. Once again the problem is the designers knew this, and the person writing the manual knew this, they just simple left it out telling us in the manual. Sounds a lot like the video game industry.

When caught in the perils of a most excellent game, it is nigh impossible to progress without consulting the all-seeing, all knowing Interwebs. That is discussion for another day. Another brew. Join us next week.

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