Every year in Austin, Texas, the latest and greatest in tech at SXSW gets unveiled. In fact, it’s a whole lot more than just technology, the near-monthlong convention also covers the hottest new trends and projects in film and music. Here’s our top six picks for the best highlights so far of tech at SXSW 2015.

The Top Six Tech at SXSW

6. Healthsuite hackathon: New medical partnerships between care providers, communities and governments to create the next generation of services. 5. Kids in VR headsets: Yes, this is as adorable as it sounds. As writer Adi Robertson stated so beautifully, there are “more human beings than it seems possible to fit into a single hall. Oh, and a ton of tiny children wearing virtual reality headsets and swinging around VR lightsabers or control rings. The Gaming Expo show floor could crush your soul. It will definitely crush your body. But it might also, for a few minutes, warm your heart.” 4. Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece, Interstellar, was available as a VR experience. Who wouldn’t want to board the Endurance Spaceship in zero gravity? 3. Wu-Tang’s one-and-only RZA gave an inspirational speech about how film has an amazing power to affect our subcouncious. 2.  Meerkat, the latest buzz on twitter that allows  lets users live-stream video over the platform, and interact with followers who are watching. Meerkat made those of us feel like we were at SXSW when in actuality we were sitting at our desks. 1. Robot boycott. This was a confusing one, but considering how even big thinkers like Stephen Hawking are afraid of developments in AI, it was a refreshing slap to the face to remember the humanity in all our technology. With signs that said “Stop the robots” and “Humans are the future,” the demonstrators added some more excitement to Austin this year.    
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