Firefox right now is working with Oculus Rift on bringing the power of virtual reality to the web browsing experience.

Imagine the feeling of “being there” times 1,000. When you think about the journey of virtual reality, it’s taken us nearly thirty years to get to this point, and we are at a threshold where consumers will very soon be able to buy affordable VR headsets. What is exactly is the goal? To bring high performance virtual reality to the open web, meaning, now anyone can start building their own VR experiences. Coupled with the possibilities of a search engine, the possibilities are endless. Imagine “living” in a sci-fi novel, or truly feeling as though you’re standing on the edge of a 2,000 foot cliff. Now that feeling and experience is genuinely possible through technology. Right now, all you need is Mozilla with the VR plugin, and an Oculus headset to begin immersing yourself in the otherworldliness of VR. Full instructions here. Support was made publicly open this week, prompting a promising flush of new utilities and applications to come!

Oh hello, Gamechanger

2015-01-24_0946Some people are skeptical whether the browser is really the best place for VR, but we’re giving accolades to Mozilla for bringing up the pace for virtual reality for web-based applications. They currently have a half a dozen projects posted on the MOZVR site, including one particularly beautiful exploration of this writers’ home in Beautiful British Columbia. It’s a gorgeous rendering of the landscape, and ushers We can’t wait for this to hit the cinematic world.
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