One storyteller was frustrated by the constraints of Virtual Reality, so he dreamed up Visionary VR — a new concept for storytelling that defies the barriers of traditional framing in filmmaking.

When you think of traditional video storytelling, there are lots of rules and best practices that are in effect. Whether it be 16×9, 4×3 or what have you, the video frame creates a boundary for the viewer, a finite space for storytelling in video form. But in VR, there is no boundary – you need to use tricks to redirect the audience.

Virtual reality affords content creators the ability to share their dreams with viewers, placing them into experiences so immersive they give the sensation of having been transported to another place.

Visionary VR is a new technology and development studio that houses the revolutionary tool for VR content creators. It’s a proprietary tech call Visionary Focus: and is employed for storytelling, attention management and info delivery in virtual reality worlds. visionary-frame With the VR editing suite, you can edit and watch your film using two Wii nunchuk-style controllers, letting you create a floating timeline where the narrative takes place. This is super exciting for filmmakers, because the new concept is that while viewers only see what’s in the frame, viewers can look away from the action in VR. Let’s just hope they don’t look away from the action and miss plot points, which is a real possibility.  
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