If you own a business, you might ask yourself, Why Do I Need a Blog? Even if your company has been doing well for a number of years, having a fresh, constantly evolving web presence is integral in today’s marketplace, and for practically every industry. There are a variety of answers for the question “why do I need a blog,” and here we’re going to highlight the most important ones.

It demonstrates that your brand has authority

Let’s assume that you’re in the automotive industry. You’ve been repairing high-end imported cars for over ten years at your garage. You used to advertise in the Yellow Pages, but now you rely on word of mouth, because your shop is well-managed and your staff is knowledgeable. You could say that about a lot of import shops though, and how would an everyday person know which mechanic will repair their vehicle best?

Knowledge is power, and that power will drive your customer to you if you give them the information they’re seeking. Let’s say they have an Audi TT convertible but need the top replaced. They might just google “Audi TT convertible top repair,” and what would they find? If you’ve been writing regularly in a blog on your site for the last few years and have written about common problems with Audi’s and how to best fix them, chances are that customer will select your garage partly based on the expert knowledge you’ve demonstrated. Customers like to pay for services by others who are experts in their field, and a blog could truly show how your brand is an authority in that industry or subject.

Increases readership and traffic to your website

After your blogging efforts have stacked up and you’ve built up a decent archive, you’ll start noticing that more people will be coming in search of your fine content specifically because they’re seeking that particular kind of information. For instance, let’s say that you own an organic dairy farm, and you write a few articles about the benefits of organic dairy, or certain kinds of livestock feed that produce better products. Users searching for those keywords are going to find your articles, and will learn quickly about your demonstrated ability in that field.

With a blog comes increased potential for clients. Not everyone who reads one of your blogs will become a paying customer, but the likelihood that you’ll attract those who will become customers will increase as your brand and reputation as an authority grows.

Like Attracts Like

blogging-success-2013-green-woodSimilarly to how your blog could attract paying customers, it could even help in the recruitment process. If someone is interested in learning about a certain product, has an interest in your field, they might even contact you for career inquiries if your business demonstrates innovation and future thinking.

It’s also good to note that having a specialized blog will demonstrate your specific strengths and services to your competitors, helping you carve out a niche in the marketplace.

Increases your Google ranking with effective SEO

Getting on the first page of a Google search result is not the result of dumping tons of money in advertising. Getting on the first page means continous effort to turn over fresh, relevant content on your site, targeting specific keywords that are in demand, and being consistent across all your digital media channels. Think of it like a car’s engine—if the motor is strong but the transmission is failing, that engine just isn’t doing all that it could be. Cross pollinating all your efforts across your social media channels, combined with a mobile-friendly site with a great blog archive will make your site and business jump to the front of the line.

Google’s algorithm favors unique, well-written posts on pages that are dynamic and ever-changing. Every blog you’ll write will add to your site’s ranking.

In conclusion

It might seem complicated, but having an online presence is essentially the same as having a strong reputation with people you know, only the multitude of digital channels we now have help to amplify that brand experience. Years of positive experiences, good service, a regard for quality on multiple occasions to multiple people and audiences make a strong reputation. For the same reason, it’s important to have a strong presence on Facebook, Google+, and to highlight the expertise you have above your competition.

Blogging doesn’t take that much time either! When you get the hang of it you’ll be able to successfully publish copy once or twice a week with just a few hours of effort. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of company blogging, give us a call or send us a message on our contact form to get started today.

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