Many business owners and even large corporations might consider why organic search is important for business where there are dozens of opportunities to boost your business through paid advertising. Search engine optimization versus pay-per-click advertising often divides marketers because both offer different solutions for long and short-term goals. Here are some reasons why organic search is important for business, and can compliment the effects of paid media.

Effective SEO lasts longer

Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising only gets you in the top of the page results when you’re outbidding your competition. As soon as you stop your AdWords campaign, sponsored tweets or promoted content, it becomes less relevant in a search. Try to imagine Google as a person: while they’ll put the highest paying customer at the top of the page when the money is coming in, they’ll demote that site when the campaign ends unless there is original, well-written content on their site, have a high-ranking landing page, and other criteria. That’s why having an air-tight SEO strategy is a huge part of why organic search is important for business.

Many of the Keyword tools are available for free

organic_search_is_important_for_businessOrganic content on your website’s pages can be just as well researched as paid campaigns. There are many tools available including Google’s keyword planning tool to help you establish the competition, search volume and bids for certain keywords, without having to splash out money at all on advertising. This is also a great way to measure your success with certain keywords, and practice campaign strategy should you decide to opt for paid campaigns in the future.

Organic Results Look Better to Your Customer

Paid advertising can certainly draw more customers and create conversions because often they are searching to purchase or seek out that query at that time. However, many customers can be turned off by the ads that appear on the first three spots and along the side of their search engine page results (SERPs) because they know they’re ads and not actual search results. Many customers will deliberately skip the paid ads and continue to the organic search results, which is why you’ll want to be on the first page at the top!

Organic Search is Important for Business

Organic content and SEO is like the banner of reputation for your business, and should not be neglected. While it might take more time to get your ranking up, you can do a lot to move this along including inbound linking, broadcasting on your social media networks, and getting reviews and feedback from clients. Powered Labs offers SEO and PPC services, and if you’d like to speak with a specialist today about getting started then just drop us a line. It’s your business, your online reputation, your future!

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