Today, WTSP 10 News came by the Powered Labs office to talk to us about the Apple Watch, which was unveiled during today’s keynote after months of secrecy. Here at Powered Labs we do a lot of wearable tech app development, so this has been an event we’ve been anticipating for quite a while. We were more than happy to answer WTSP 10 New’s questions about whether smart watches are a viable industry or just a fad that could possibly fizzle off in a few years. It is a major question of the public and we believe that the technology is here to stay, and in a matter of five years, just like it is hard to contemplate life without email, it will be hard to remember a time without smart watches. We want to give a special thanks to WTSP 10 New’s Eric Glasser and Mitchell Wallace for taking the time to sit down with us. We had a great time talking with them, hanging out, eating pizza, and watching Apple Watch’s live unveiling.
WTSP 10 News

The T2D Gang and the 10 News crew watch as Apple unveils it’s newest product

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