What should you consider when building an app? With the advent of more businesses coming up with strategies for mobile applications, we decided to share our experience in the field by covering some of the initial considerations you should take before jumping in the dev game. Here’s a brief overview of the main questions to ask —in the coming weeks, we’ll be delving into these ideas more and more to flesh out all the issues and considerations to examine when building a mobile application.

Building an app is not a quick, overnight venture. Some enterprise level apps, games and commercial applications can take months to build with a whole team of designers and programmers. From design layout, coding and testing to fix bugs with each phase.  Here are some considerations to take before taking the plunge to ensure the greatest chances of success with your app.

The Benefits of an App: The Product Itself

Entrepreneur Magazine summed up four core benefits in building a mobile app: engagement, service, promotion, and commerce. Here are three fundamental questions you should ask yourself before reaching out to a developer or investor.
  1. What is the purpose of this app? What will it do? Who is it for?
  2. How will it satisfy a need in the marketplace that no other app is doing?
  3. How will my investors and I make money from the app?
These questions might seem general and perhaps even obvious – but they are often overlooked. Just because you have an app in a store doesn’t mean customers will come running. And just because your loving and supportive friends and family dig your idea, doesn’t mean your potential customers will be equally willing to reach for the wallets. Do the research and find out if it’s a viable product with enough demand and start designing your success strategy.

Which device to develop for?14.01.21-Mobile_Ads

The number of global smartphone and tablet ownership is expected to hit 900 million by 2017. In the great divide, it comes down to Android, and iOS devices, tablets vs smartphones. Listen to these statistics: “iPhone and iPad users are likely to spend more than Android users. Despite Android representing a substantial market share, Apple users pack a statistically larger transactional punch. Also keep in mind that tablet users of all types boast more transactions than smartphones.” Factoring in this market share research is critical when you’re considering building an application. Consider all the possibilities and your target audience and select the best device(s) to reach them.

How to Build an App: The Cost

But let’s be realistic: the cost of starting up a business centered on a custom application can be a difficult pill to swallow financially for most individuals. To create a truly stunning product that will stand out, and satisfy a particular use in a marketplace which already has hundreds of thousands of other apps, is an uncertain investment. As we summarized in a past post about the cost of websites, “pricing can be tricky business, but finding a developer whose work matches your vision can makes your selection process noticeably simpler.” Beyond the application cost, the importance of a marketing budget is a close second. Spending tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an application is one thing, but neglecting to market it and ensure it gets the attention of your customers is an almost sure way to failure.

How to Build an App: The Team

Most successful apps employ a talented team of developers, designers and the right people who can get your project off the ground and into your customers’ hands. The cost of sourcing a development company offshore can initially equate to savings, but in the long term, can be more costly than scouting local talent. Distance can equal potential cultural barriers, communication problems, and ultimately, a lack of quality control. How do you know that your developer is storing the code for your project in a safe, secure manner? Sometimes it is even difficult communicating a design to someone sitting right next to you, let alone to someone thousands of miles away. Powered Labs is an award-winning, full service digital agency specializing in mobile applications for businesses in the nation, with a track record of producing high quality applications. Contact us if you have any questions about getting your company’s app off the ground, and seeing your project come to life.

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