Hello and welcome back! Last week we looked at one of the new version of android that will be releasing in the near future, Android Wear. (Click here if you missed it) This week we will be exploring Android TV, Google’s new platform for your home entertainment center. Just like with Android Wear, set top boxes have been around for quite some time, leaving Google with some catching up to do. So Let’s dive into Mountain Views latest offering for your big screen!   If at first you don’t succeed, try try again

Android TV hopes you will give Google a spot in your living room, which they have failed claim twice before. Way back in 2011, Google gave the living room a shot with Google TV, then again in 2012 with the Nexus Q. Both ideas were huge failures. Rather than trying to break the mold, Google’s newest approach looks to the competition this time. The user interface looks like a futuristic version of Apple TV …and acts like many of the set top boxes already available now with only a few key differences.

The Nexus Q never even reached consumers.

The Nexus Q never even reached consumers.

 Just say what you want Yelling at your TV is a common living room occurrence. Now however, with Android TV it may actually do something. With voice search included, right out of the box, finding what you want to watch is as easy as saying “Family Guy” or “Tom Cruise movies.” Chromecast functionality is also built in so it is easy to fling movies or music from your phone to your entertainment system. Users will also have access to the Playstore for music, movies, and apps giving them a wide range of possibilities for their viewing pleasure.   say-it   Android gaming gets serious Gaming will be a big part of Google’s new platform. The OS also supports Bluetooth controllers for games, so players are not stuck using their phones or tablets as controllers. It may not seem like it now, but this could very easily become a whole new gaming platform with companies like Razer already making equipment scheduled to be released in the fall. All Google has to do now is entice enough developers to make quality games for their new platform. If this happens, Microsoft and Sony may have to watch their backs because soon they won’t be the only game in town.  

The Bluetooth controller for Android TV.

  Will the third time for Google be the charm? This time should be different, they have learned a lot from the competition. Only time will tell us if this new strategy will be successful. Swing by again same time next week as we wrap up our series with Android Auto!