iOS 10: A Few of the Best New Features

by | Aug 26, 2016

Fall is quickly creeping up as we near the end of 2016, that means color-changing leaves (if you don’t live in Florida like us), everyone’s favorite holidays, pumpkin spice lattes and on the tech front: the new iPhone 7 release, partnered with the Apple iOS 10 update. In our last post we covered some of the things app developers can expect from Apple’s new OS and how that environment will be influenced. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the consumer-end features that promise to make Apple’s 10th iteration of iOS better than before; you can’t get your hands on these just yet, but they will be available next month by the time the leaves start hitting the ground.
Creative Messages
Emojis and GIFs are about as creative as you can get to relay emotions and situations virtually, but iOS 10 will take it a step farther. In an attempt to revamp iMessage in an appealing way, Apple has added new options such as invisible ink messages, photo messages, hand written texts, stickers, and integration with the iMessage App Store; this is just some of what all will be available in the newest version of the native messaging app.
Smarter Maps
Imagine this… you’re on a roadtrip, blasting music with your friends and you forgot to check the fuel gauge… suddenly, you notice that your car’s sucking fumes on E. You frantically search Maps for a gasoline oasis, and the app inconveniently takes you five miles off the highway to a gas station irrelevant to your route. Sound familiar? Once iOS 10 drops, you won’t have to worry about that anymore; Apple will save you the stress with new street smart features. In addition to the ability to search locations along your route and overall enhancing your Maps experience, the app will now make proactive suggestions for places you’re actually more likely to go to and with the fastest routes to them.
Raise to Wake
Hey iPhone users, ready to get lazier? Apple knows you’re tired of pressing buttons, and they’ve got your back with a new gesture feature: Raise to Wake. After the iOS 10 update, you’ll simply pick up your iPhone to access the lock screen, easily swipe left to load the camera app, or right to access widgets. Wish you could check notifications and reply to them right from the lock screen? Apple’s got you again, and they are fairly certain that once you get used to the convenience of Raise to Wake, you’ll be hard-pressed to do without it. Even though RtW is new, let’s face it… this is an iOS feature that should have always been there, especially after phone OS competitor Android intro’ed it a while ago.
Contextual Predictions
Convenience seems to be a major benefit to the iOS 10 update, and with it, your keyboard gets a shiny new feature: contextual predictions. Siri can now use LongShort Term Memory (LSTM) to predict what your answer will be to an incoming text. For example, if you receive a message asking where you are, Siri will automatically provide you with the option to share your exact location via Maps. Less typing = more messages sent easily, especially since you’re going to be spending most of your time in iMessage playing with the new creative features.


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