With September looming just around the corner, debates about what features will be unveiled at Apple’s yearly presentation have been escalating, and causing daily uproars on the old Interweb.

kit_swift_battleFor those unaware, we’re having a little competition in the den of Powered Labs to see if we have a true visionary in our midst who can predict the future of technology! The wager? Fame and Glory. The Punishment? Humiliation and the Red Shirt! Here are the hottest Ten rumors so far. With September 9th being the date when Apple reveals all, it’s still early days, but nigh time to venture a guess or 10 and begin this next phase of our Geek War. 10 Screen Size It is almost certain that the new iPhone will sport a larger display. But how big will it be? Depending on what corner of the Internet you happen to be getting your information from, there are reports of the screens being 4.7” all the way up to 5.5.” However, the actual iPhone 6 might even have a larger screen than that! 09 Dual device launch The varying rumors about the screen sizes might be foreshadowing the possibility of 2 models being released. Will one of them be a premium iPhone 6 with a faster processor, while the other more economical and with fewer features? Or will both devices be regarded on the same tier, but with the option to choose your favorite screen size? We felt that when Apple did this with the iPhone 5c model, it fell short of delivering what the consumer wanted – with only $100 knocked off the price tag, it didn’t quite hit our expectations. 08 Two iPhone 6 models having staggered release date According to Mac Rumors, Apple could introduce the 4.7 and 5.5-inch models a month apart. With its event happening on September 9th, it will likely ship mid-month, with the other model not being available until practically Halloween. 07 Redesigniphone6concept_0 For the past three years, the iPhone’s design has been almost unchanged. An uninterrupted, clean front with the home button and a flat back made either of glass or metal. All of this wrapped in a cool silver/gold finish around the sides. Could the iPhone 6 show a redesign closer to the iPod 5th generation with slow bending curves connecting the back of the phone to the front? Perhaps we could even venture a guess on color? Might we go back to the old b&w  or will we keep a few of the colors from the underwhelming C model? 06 New glass Screen – Gorilla or Sapphire? If your phone has an Apple on the back then it probably has Corning Gorilla Glass on the front. It is suspected that Cupertino may be equipping its new line with new Sapphire crystal. This material is now used for smaller phone components such as the camera lens and the home button of the iPhone 5s. Before, sapphire was very costly to make and not really an option for Apple’s production needs. This time though, it’s thought the mobile mogul could be in cahoots with GT Advanced to boost up sapphire production. 05 A New Glass to Rule Them All As stated above, with all this talk about what the screen will be made of, let’s not neglect the possibility that it could be neither the Sapphire crystal nor the rumored Gorilla. Apple might not use either glass this time! Maybe they will  use a new material entirely, like Moon Crystals from space! Hey, we’re spit balling a little bit here, but you never know… 04 Triple the Pixels Rumor is that a display with a resolution of 1704 x 960 could be in the bag for the nice, new shiny big screens, which the new iPhone could sport. If this is true, it would be tripling the capabilities of the iPhone 5s and putting the Mac makers back in contention for the phone with the best screen in the land. 03 Look mAh, New Battery In July, photos of a newly designed battery were purported, revealing a modest improvement from the iPhone 5S current energy supply. Let’s hope that whatever Apple releases, it will have any improvement on the battery life of its smartphone, especially if it will be offering a larger screen. 02 Second Skiniphone-6-front-back-800x536 Rumors from China suggest that the iPhone 6 will be able to feature temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. In the same vein, Xu also revealed the rumor that the iWatch would use similar sensors to measure your heart rate and surrounding oxygen levels. 01 When Can I Hold It? When will the “Precious” be in your pocket? The release date is probably the biggest question in everyone’s mind. Apple has slated their media even for September 9th, but when will the launch occur? 10 days later? And if they’re releasing two models of a staggered production date, this could be even later. There’s even the chance the launch could occur on October 14th. With so many rumors flying around, what will the true verdict be on Apple’s new prized product? Tell Us, Wise One Think you know better than all of us which surprises Apple will unveil in their product line? Send us a message with your predictions for a chance to be featured on our blog!  
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