Rumors Roundup: What We Learned about the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 was one of the most anticipated technology releases in Apple history, and with that said, it had a lot of expectations riding on it. Here’s what we learned about the iPhone 6 features.
In our Den of Geek Wars, Team Swift and Team KitKat hit a TIE, which was also an unprecedented event in history. Both teams scored a total of 10 points for the predictions that were sent in. There were tears of joy as we watched the keynote and reveled in the fact that the wait was over. We could not decide on an appropriate punishment and/or victory with our scoreboard, therefore civilly conceded that there would always exist a rivalry between iOS and Android.
Some Powered Labs Team Members Devoured Pizza and Watched the Outcome of the Apple Keynote Event

Some Powered Labs Team Members Devoured Pizza and Watched the Outcome of the Apple Keynote Event

Here is the rundown of all the best and biggest breakthroughs for the new Apple mobile device and take a look at where we were right, and where we were wrong.
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Most people, including us nerds, were right on this hunch. Apple announced two versions of the newest smart device, one at 4.7” and the other at 5.5”, entering the phablet market. With a $100 price difference, both versions come in 16, 64 and 128GB models. That’s tasty.
iPhone 6 Screen
On the “Plus” Side (pun fully intended), Apple was able to pack nearly 2 million pixels into their high end HD Retinal Display for the iPhone 6 Plus. However on the negative side, they were unable to provide the much cherished and desired Sapphire Crystal. Leaks leading up to the event claiming Apple had ties with a Sapphire manufacturer were reserved for the stunning Apple Watch, one of the most exciting announcements made at the Apple Keynote.
iPhone 6 Release Date
September 12… no the 23rd… nope! The 19th is when we’ll all be able to get our paws on the device. How many do you reckon they’d sell in their first week? And another prediction: we estimate the average time waiting in line at an Apple store will be 89 minutes in the first week. Just saying.
On Monday, lots of publications reported that the retailer set an all-time record for pre-order sales, noting as many as 4 million phones ordered within the first 24 hours.
Other stuff we didn’t know would arrive in the box
Team KitKat predicted that NFC technology would be built into the new smart device, and that turned out to be true. Now with Apple Pay, you can check out at many partner vendors just by placing the phone near the payment device and pressing with finger to verify the payment process. 
As we ate our pizza at the Type 2 Headquarters watching the keynote struggle through its technical difficulties, we couldn’t help but take a moment to reflect on how far smartphones have come, and how as a technology, they have become so engrained in our daily life more than any other technology has before. With a device that most people reach for the moment they wake up, and the last flickering light they see before they go to sleep, here’s hoping the next generation of smartphones are going to see some equally impressive advancements. We can hardly wait!
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