Well I did it. I stood in line and to try on the newly minted Apple Watch.

The process, as you would expect, was smooth and simple, not unlike the controls of the watch. See what I did there? Anyhoo.

Strangely enough, I was not there to fidget with the watch very much, which I did of course, but I was there to try it on and see how it felt. You see, I no longer wear a watch. They are often too heavy and cumbersome, plus now with a cell phone in everyone’s pocket— they’ve become seemingly unnecessary. Having said that I do still love watches. They are often elegant and beautiful or even silly and fun. Who hasn’t owned a Swatch or Mickey Mouse watch in their lives, but not all of us have had the opportunity to own a Patek Philippe or the like. Apple Watch lies nearer to the former than to the latter for me. It is a fun watch, though not a timeless masterpiece, and with that in mind I went to put on the Watch.

Trying on the Apple Watch


Sign in was the usual, waited for literally one minute and BAM!! I was hovering over the black mat on which Apple was about to present their new offering. There was a drawer that had to be opened with a special magnetic key and lying within were about 20+ Apple Watches, each differing by watch metal or band. I tried on the aluminum with black sport band first. It was very nice on but the band was much different to put on than I thought. Not necessarily in a bad way just felt unusual putting on. The band snapped together and then slid inside itself. It felt secure and lightweight (42mm aluminum body weighs in at 30g with the band weighing 40g). Remember, I like lighter watches so this appealed to me right off the bat. Next I tried on the same watch in the steel 42mm body (weighing 50g + band 40g) and there was not much of a difference, so overall both felt light a comfortable to wear. Then I tried on the steel 42mm with the Milanese band and again the band felt fine on, but again it would take some getting used to. The magnetic holder seemed well connected although it did seem to slip on both me and the lady next to me trying on the same band.

All in all I did like the watch and would pickup the aluminum 42mm Sport version of the watch if I decide to do so next month. As for now, I will wait like everybody else till April 24th and make a decision. Til then, happy waiting everyone.

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