A New Take On an Old Technique

Semaphore is an old method of communication with flags. Symafour is a new take on the old technique.

The Concept

Welcome to the social media revolution! What is Symafour?  The Symafour App is a way to connect to other people in your area based on similar interests. Are you trying to make it to a music festival, but don’t know who anyone who loves music as much as you do? Are you tired of your so called “friends” that never want to go to the same movies you do? It’s your interests, it’s your meet ups, it’s your data.

The Product

Powered Labs developed this social mobile app for the iOS platform, including the design, artwork, digital advertising and social media marketing. Using Facebook as our main channel to showcase the app, we have nearly 10,000 fans on the page and have experienced a steady growth in downloads. Our agency also designed and created the Symafour website and logo.

Plant Your Flag

Throwing a frisbee at the park? Is your band playing tonight? Starting a group study session? Plant your flag to gather with friends, share your event or just let others know what you are up to. It’s as easy as shaking your phone. You can add a title to say what you are up to and pick who can see the flag. Share with everyone to let the whole world see, just your friends to keep your location private, or pick a just a few friends to meet up with a group.

Out on the Town

Heading out for the night? Symafour is the perfect to see what’s happening around you. Don’t miss out on a great band or a dinner special just because missed the memo. Symafour is always up to date and only shows you what is happening right now.  




  • Customize your profile and flag with a color and image
  • See your friends and current events around you
  • Plant your own flag
  • Like a flag
  • Comment on a flag
  • Move the map to explore different areas


With location it is essential to keep your privacy in mind. We made sure that you always decide who to share a flag with be that everyone, all of your friends, or just a few friends. And you decide when to plant your flag.
  • You choose when to plant your flag
  • Share with exactly who you want to
  • Our backend logic enforces security

Social Integration

We created and published the Symafour Facebook App page to cross-pollinate our marketing strategies with the mobile application. This way users were able to sign up using their Facebook login credentials, tapping into a wider base of potential users.
  • Facebook login for easy signup
  • Social media integration for sharing

Cross Platform

After getting a great reception from our iOS user base, we received lots of requests to implement the same great social application on the Android platform too. Our team put together the code to match the same features available to iOS.

iPhone & iPad