iOS 10 – Should You Update?

by | Sep 22, 2016

The long awaited iOS 10 update was finally released to the public last week. Many Apple users are debating on downloading the update to their device. Before you take a plunge into the iOS 10 world, take a look at these pros and cons of the recent update.


Turn your iMessage from boring texts into vibrant and creative multimedia conversations. In statement about the update iMessage stated by Apple, “[the update] brings a more expressive and animated way to message friends and family.” For more info on the updated iMessage, revert back to the previous Powered Labs- iOS 10 – A Few of the Best Features post.


Instead of just having ‘albums’ and ‘all photos,’ the iOS 10 update organizes your photos into collections via memories. This update organizes photos via location, the people within the photos, and now the organized albums have the ability to be created into automatically-generated videos, enhanced with titles, transitions, and background music.

No more jailbreak

Jail broken iPhones will be no more with the iOS 10 update. If you have your iPhone jail broken, you make want to think twice about updating to iOS 10, this update will cause you to lose all software adjustments that you’ve made to your jail broken device.

Slow Download

The older your iPhone is, the longer the iOS 10 update will take to download. It is a sensible idea to set your device aside for at least an hour for download time. It will take at least a half an hour to download.

So, should you update your device to iOS 10?

The answer to that question is up to you. Depending on if you need certain features added to your current device or if you don’t want to lose current features not included with the iOS 10, that is what will determine if you are in need of the iOS 10 update.My opinion is wait off on downloading the update for a few weeks, allow Apple to fix any problems or bugs involved with the update.


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